Strength Training – Jack and Ethan prepare for their next chapter


Welcome to this week’s Bauer’s Bytes!

This week, we’re taking a look at Jack and Ethan as they train for “what comes next”. 🙂 I feel like I’m posting chapters from a forthcoming novel! I probably am!

Enjoy Jack and Ethan in their post-marital bliss (?) as they gear up for their next adventure. And, Ethan, predictably, puts his foot in it.


Jack grinned as his eyes slid sideways, checking Ethan out. Ethan huffed and breathed through his last set of bicep curls. Sweat dripped down his face, trickled down his neck. His shirt clung to his back, his straining arms. He’d take his shirt off after this set. He always did.


They were in their basement gym, something Ethan had wanted in their new home and Jack had helped him put together. Ethan loved working out, and their relationship had really begun sharing jokes and stories over the treadmill and while lifting weights. Jack loved seeing Ethan like this, at the peak of his power, raw in his intensity, almost animalistic in his strength. Jack responded in a very specific way, desire curling through him like burning fingers scraping through his muscles.


Jack finished his own set of leg raises. He watched Ethan, and waited.


Ethan finished. He shucked his shirt, using it to wipe the sweat from his face. He grinned at Jack.


Jack pulled his own shirt off. He’d been waiting for this, waiting all day. He struck a pose, hands on his hips, and beamed. “Check it out.”


Ethan chuckled. His eyes raked down Jack’s body, pausing on his abdomen. His eyebrows quirked up. “You need to eat more.” Ethan squirted water onto his face before taking a long drink.


Jack’s jaw dropped. “I need to eat more?” He waved one hand over his abdomen, highlighting his newly-revealed chiseled muscles. “Hello? Did you not see the incredible six pack I’ve developed?”


“I see it.”


He threw his hands wide, eyes boggling, non-verbally asking Ethan “What the fuck”.


“You told me you wanted to gain strength, especially with what we’re getting ready to do. Six packs like that are just to show off. They’re for beach bodies and models. They’re not really strong.”


“Not strong? I’m forty-six years old, Ethan, and I can see my abs. This is the third best day in my life.” He glared. “I don’t see your abs!”


Ethan slapped his stomach. His stomach was flat, but not chiseled. “I have abs. They’re just protected by a layer of hamburgers.” He winked.


Jack snorted. “A protective layer of hamburgers?”


“Yes. Because I eat enough to build my muscles. If your muscles are starting to show, then you’re not eating enough to build them the right way. Your body is burning fat, and in danger of burning muscle, too. You want to start giving me the spaghetti jars to open?”


Jack gave him a look. “You could at least show a little bit of interest. I’ve never looked this good. Never.”


“You always look amazing. You’re the hottest man on the planet, Jack.” Ethan looked confused.


“But these—“ Jack pointed at his abs. “—are something that should be given extra special attention.”


A light flicked on in the back of Ethan’s eyes. He smiled and padded across their basement to Jack. He rested his hands on Jack’s hips, his thumbs stroking over Jack’s taut tummy, the defined edges of his abs. “I’m sorry,” he said softly. “I fully intend on exploring all of these glorious muscles. All of your very, very hard work.”


Jack crossed his arms. He said nothing.


“First, I’ll start with my tongue. I’ll trace every muscle, every inch of your abdomen.”


“…that’s a start.”


“Run my hands all over your body… Kiss every inch of your skin…”


Jack shivered. Ethan’s hands rose, trailing over his abs, his chest. Down his ribs.


“Suck your cock until it’s rock hard, and resting against these muscles. Dripping with my spit.”


Breathless, Jack moaned, rocking into Ethan. He pressed his forehead to Ethan’s neck and closed his eyes.


“I want to bend you in half. Spread your legs and sink into you, and watch these muscles clench as I make love to you.”


“Yes. I want that.”


“And then…”


Jack whimpered.


“After I feed you my cock…” Ethan breathed against Jack’s ear. Jack shivered, and he grabbed Ethan’s arms, his waist. “I’m going to feed you a whole pizza.”


Jack shoved Ethan away, groaning. Ethan laughed.


“Ethan! You really don’t care about this at all?”


“I do care, love.” Ethan came back, holding out his arms. Jack glared. “You’re already the world’s hottest man to me. You’re already perfect. Nothing can change that. No matter if you have chiseled abs or an extra hundred pounds.”


“An extra hundred pounds! What do you think I’m going to do—“


“You are perfect, Jack, and I’ll always love you. No matter what you look like.” Ethan kissed his forehead, gently. “You asked me to help you gain strength. You said we should both be in the best shape of our lives if we’re going to be doing this. Accept the offer. It could be dangerous sometimes, and whether our bodies are able to push ahead through the next mile, the next challenge, or even the next threat could make all the difference. Maybe even between life and death.”


Jack sighed. He reached for Ethan, tugging him close. “You really think things will get like that?”


“It could get like that. On a bad day. A very bad day. Most of the time in the Secret Service, we stood post in the air conditioning and battled boredom. But on the bad days, we had to be Olympic athletes. And that’s what saved us. Saved you.”


“So you’re saying I shouldn’t be proud of these?”


“I’m saying you look gorgeous. With a six pack and without one. I’m also saying that we should feed you more so that you gain real, solid strength. Models aren’t action heroes.”


“Gymnasts are Olympic athletes. They have pretty great bodies.”


“If you want to train to be a gymnast, I won’t complain. I’m teaching you what I know. Military strength training.” He frowned. “Hey. Are you saying I don’t have a great body?”


“No! I—“


Ethan grinned. He kissed Jack, sweetly. “I want to make sure you can handle everything. Everything that could possibly happen out there.”


“I think I’ve proven that I can hold my own. I had an active presidency.”


“There’s the presidential card again.” Ethan winked as Jack shook his head, sighing. “And you have proven yourself. Above and beyond. You are a hero. Now let’s make it perfect. Refine it. Hone it. Turn what you did for survival into your natural instincts.”


Jack was quiet for a moment. “I’m with you all the way,” he finally said, softly. Ethan beamed. “But!” Jack held up one finger. “But, we are going to a beach. Pull out your itty-bitty bathing suit again, ‘cause you are taking me and my abs to a beach. I want to lie in the sun and act shocked, just shocked, that there are pictures of my abs on every magazine.”


“Yes, dear.” Ethan barely held back his laughter. “I’ll take you to a beach, love.”


“And! You are absolutely doing that thing with your tongue. And everything else. Everything you teased me with.”


Now Ethan did laugh. He dragged Jack close, wrapping him up in his arms, and rested their foreheads together. “Well, no time like the present…”


Timestamp: Post Enemy Within

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  1. OMG, it hurts, it hurts sooooooo good. Damn, I love them, they are just too perfect <3 And while I get where Ethan is coming from, I'm with Jack on this one – having such a great body with 46? That's something to be proud of. Though I love how Ethan makes it clear that Jack is perfect no matter how he looks .>
    Two more things:
    1) “I have abs. They’re just protected by a layer of hamburgers.” – I think I just about died laughing there xD I’ll have to use that line sometime. It’s too perfect to not use it xD
    2) You tease! I want to know more about this new book! Do you have a planned date of when it will come out yet? (yes, I can barely wait. YOU are the one who made me an addict, now gimme my fix ;D )
    Love this byte!

    1. HAHAHAHA! 😀

      So, that line is exactly what my husband and I say about our bodies and tummies. In fact, he’s probably reading this right now and laughing at me.

      They will feature in Sergey & Sasha’s book, which I will write after Hush. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed!! <3

      1. That was not an answer you tease T_T 😛 (But I’m sooooo glad to hear that Sasha and Sergey get their own book! 😀 (And I would certainly hope that they would get a part in it! By now they are just too woven into their lives to get completely cut out))
        But don’t worry, I’ll wait. I’ll keep stalking you(and re-read… and re-read… and re-read (should I mention that I read the whole series three times within two weeks when I first discovered it? While working? Don’t ask when I slept, because it was kinda… not happening a lot)) as I do now and probably provide enough prompts to write multiple more books if this continues xD As long as there will be more of this story I’ll be happy. The more the better 😉

        1. OMG! Three times in two weeks?! That’s amazing!! <3

          I don't have a date yet. I'd tell you if I did. I haven't even started writing, but it's bursting out of me, so it should be a quick one. Research will be key. "Sasha Goes to Space," essentially. And, predictably, Things Go Wrong. 🙂

          I love and adore your prompts. Always send more! They're fabulous!

          1. I’m somewhat of a reading addict – especially when it comes to good books 😉 Usually when a story really captures me I’ll inhale it and just totally ignore things like sleep (thank god for coffee… not sure I would have survived the first read-through without it and having to work 8-hour days in between xD). Once the first read-through happened, my first order of business was ordering paperbacks (I usually read on my kindle, but I love to put paperbacks on my bookshelf because I love looking at them <3), then go back to the beginning to read it again a bit slower to maybe catch all the details I might have missed. And well, in your case that wasn't enough, so I had to go back a second time because I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to the guys ^_^
            Damn damn damn I already can't wait 😀 And I can already *hear* Sergey's worried thoughts .> xD

          2. (Not sure what happened with this part of my reply, but it doesn’t show for me >.> So I’ll just add it again)
            Hahaha don’t worry – I doubt they will die out anytime soon 😀 There is just so much more I want to explore in this universe. If I could find a rabbithole to just get dumped into the middle of it I would jump in without any questions asked. Well, beforehand… I’m sure to have a ton once I’m there >.> xD

  2. I’m sitting in my car trying to muffle the chuckles so the students and teachers walking by in my daughter’s school parking lot won’t think I’ve lost my marbles. This is one of the funniest bytes, and simultaneously one of the sexiest and tenderest (is there even such a word?). Nothing Ethan and Jack do will ever not be good to me. I love them so much it hurts sometimes. I wish they were real, that I knew them and could call them my friends. They’re so real, and so right for each other. I love that Ethan helps Jack get over the pouts about losing the six-pack in favor of strength. I love that he uses their very potent desire for each other to keep Jack from pitching a hissy fit about Ethan’s seeming lack of appreciation of his abs. I love how much Jack desires Ethan. I love how they still have each other’s back, how committed and devoted and totally in love they are, even when they’re contemplating involving themselves in dangerous and perhaps even life-threatening activities.

    Heck, I just love them!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Karen. 🙂 Glad I can make you chuckle! <3 They really do fit well together. I like writing them bickering, almost as much as I like writing them perfectly in sync. LOL

  3. Adorable!! I laughed my butt off and I loved the “we’re going to the beach” bit!! Love these two and the little looks at their lives. Or, ya know, new books. 😉

  4. Hello Tal, while I love these bytes and all. but OMG! I Just want more you know. More of jack and ethan. adam and faisal. sergey and sasha. stop teasing me and give us the book! but thank u for these. im looking forward to your byte weekly!! hahahahahahhahhahahaha!!!

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