My Soul Spills Into Yours – Faisal & Adam, pre-Enemies of the State

Welcome to Bauer’s Bytes! This one is a LONG one! This week, we’re going back to Adam and Faisal, pre-Enemies of the State.  This is part of Adam & Faisal’s continuing prequel story set before The Executive Office series, and takes place after How To (not) Say Goodbye, also featuring Adam & Faisal. You should […]

Faith (Part I) – Scenes from Enemy of My Enemy

  This week, I’m giving you something a little different. I’ve strung two shorter Bytes together to form the first part of a multi-part series where we look into specific moments in the series, told from another character’s point of view. This week, two scenes from Enemy of My Enemy. How did Scott handle the […]

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean – Book 3 Exclusive Excerpt!

I have something special for everyone this week! This week’s Bauer’s Bytes will be an surprise excerpt from Book 3 in the Executive Office series! Here is a scene for you from Doc’s perspective as the team works to sneak back into the United States and rally together with Ethan to continue fighting. They’re operating […]

One Call Away – Faisal, on the other end of the line

Hello! After one week off for my vacation, I am back with another Bauer’s Bytes!   This week, I listened to you guys asking for some Faisal and Adam. I know those two have been a puzzle, and I perhaps purposely wrote them that way. 🙂 We airdropped into the middle of their fractured relationship, […]