The Knights Templar Resurrected

A Time to Rise, released May 2nd, is set in the present day, and yet, a brotherhood thought long-dead continues to fight on. The Order of the Knights Templar, Resurrected, hunts in the shadows. Why? What is their purpose? What are they fighting?   And what is is that Sergeant Alain Autenburg of the Vatican […]

Undercover Gay in Kuwait City

Living While Gay (LWG) in the Middle East is a constant struggle. A balance of giant sacrifices and tiny freedoms. Every country is different. Different laws, different cultural norms. Different attitudes. In five countries, homosexuality is not illegal. In others, it’s punishable by death. In still others, the state (or religious) secret police hunt you […]

Always Beginning

Starting a new project is always a great experience. It’s one of my favorite times in my writing process. Ideas are free flowing, characters are forming, and my mind wanders through a parade of potential stories. Which one should I wrote next? Which characters will grab me? What journey will I go on this time? […]