Whisper Chapter 6 Excerpt

  Welcome to Bauer’s Bytes, and the last excerpt of Whisper before the release! This week, enjoy a sneak peek at Chapter 6!   Chapter 6 Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan September 27, 2001   War, like all things, moved slowly. Scouting the front lines was delayed. The trucks Kris ordered from Khan arrived through Ghasi and […]

Jack’s First Thanksgiving – Missing Scene from Interlude

  Welcome to Bauer’s Bytes! This week, we’re going back to Jack’s first White House Thanksgiving… except, it wasn’t. In Interlude, Jack spends Thanksgiving at the G20, and then visits his family for one night. What happened that night? What did they talk about? What was on Jack’s mind, after the G20, before Ethan and […]